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Date: 2016-02-18 News Category : Company newsshare us:

Scheduled for March 2015 31-4 month 2 days in Shanghai. The Hongqiao Museum held.

China's largest, Asia's largest, ranked second in the world of International Hardware Exhibition

China International Hardware Fair every year in spring and autumn two, is China's largest and most recognized industry hardware show, has become the first choice for hardware companies to develop domestic and foreign markets. Autumn Hardware Expo as an important part of the China International Hardware Fair, hardware companies to further expand the domestic hardware market convenient channel, also is the enterprise and organized around the dealers and end users to enhance cooperation, expand the channels of the superexcellent platform. The current world economic recovery is weak, weak demand for foreign markets, domestic market competition is fierce, the survival of the fittest trend shows, hardware enterprises and industries are facing unprecedented challenges and choices. Practice has proved that the choice to participate in the China International Hardware Expo will greatly enhance brand influence of domestic enterprises, expand the domestic market share of foreign trade enterprises. China International Hardware Fair as a barometer of the hardware industry, barometer, will continue to provide a wide range of hardware development and development of the display, exchange, trading platform.

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The exhibition time: March 2015 31-4 month 2 days
Address: No. 5 - Exhibition Hall T5-242 Han letter Technology Exhibition
Venue: Shanghai. Hongqiao. Chinese Expo exhibition complex (Business District of Shanghai Qingpu District of Hongqiao)