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  • Super hard materials and products ?
    Concentration of the knife head: the so-called diamond concentration is (that is, per unit area contained within the diamond density of diamond in the matrix on the work layer distribution of weight). "Norms" provisions, per cubic centimeter work matrix containing 4.4 carats of diamond when its concentration was 100%, containing 3.3 carat diamond, the concentration of 75%. The volume concentration indicates the amount of diamond in the agglomeration, and the concentration of 1/4 is 100% when the volume of the diamond is occupied. Increasing the diamond concentration is expected to extend the life of the saw blade, because the average cutting force is reduced by increasing the concentration. But increase the depth of the inevitable increase in
  • Super hard materials and products ?
    Due to the superior performance, the application of super hard materials has been expanding from metal processing to optical glass processing, stone processing, ceramic processing, hard brittle materials processing